Replacement Filter


The little Filter that could! Use for an average of 150 joints and keep your Billow working its best.


We know you love your Billow, but sometimes it needs a little help to keep up with your, um, “lifestyle.” That’s where our filter comes in! It’s like a personal trainer for your Billow, helping it stay in tip-top shape and ready for anything.

Our filter is so good, it could make a skunk (or your skunk) smell like a bouquet of flowers! It’s made with premium materials and multiple layers of filtration to capture those pesky odors. So whether it’s a tangey sativa or a earthy indica, our filter will make sure it’s trapped and out of smell.

Replacing the filter is easier than trying to parallel park a semi-truck! Just remove your current filter and slide it in to have your air purifier back up and running in no time. You’ll be breathing easy and ready to tackle whatever buds life throws your way.

*Filters last an average of 150 joints  


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