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The first, the only, the innovative….the sesh- friendly closed loop air filtration system you’ve been dreaming of.

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 Billow takes the smoke and smell out of smoking. The burning chamber holds the joint and lets you get monster hits, but all the smoke you exhale is pulled back into Billow and pushed through a filter with fresh scents added in. All of the smelly side smoke from the joint is also captured in the filter. So you can smoke inside without any of the smoke going into the room! No more worrying about stinking up the house or setting off the smoke alarms. No more being forced outside in the cold, rain or snow. Now you can have the freedom to relax and partake inside. Let everyone enjoy a smoke free environment while you enjoy your favorite pastime in peace.

You Have To Smoke It To Believe It

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 13.5 in

5 reviews for Billow – VIP

  1. Rita

    WAIT A MINUTE!!! HOLD ON UP NOW…Because the way my life is set up in a smoke-free development 😍 Sis these are NEEDED all across NYC like this isht is freaking huge…Billow will be a necessity not a luxury omg

  2. Nora

    Game changer

  3. T.J

    I already used it and I love it! I would hug you right now if I could

  4. Geni

    Hi, I just wanted to say thank you so much for creating this beast of a machine! I’m a medical patient and for over 2 years my world has been lived in a cloud of smoke (2 oz a week). Thanks to billow, thanks to you, my house and I have been smelling pretty for a month.

  5. Lysa (verified owner)

    The Billow is an absolute game-changer; a true life-saver! As a medical patient who lives in a no-smoking apartment, my only options before this were to sit outside or sit in my car, and at NINE DEGREES FAHRENHEIT one recent morning it was particularly brutal. My very first waking thought is no longer “how awful is the weather outside and how many layers do I have to put on?” The amount of stress this has alleviated, the savings in time every single morning, the fact that I now have OPTIONS is, well, I am eternally grateful to you. For the Billow and the Ardent FX. You have helped me to make my life better. Thank you for everything.

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