Smoke Inside Without The Smoke or Smell

Why try to hide the smell of smoke when you can prevent it in the first place?

Remember the sploofs that never worked? Or the open window, towel-under-door combination that kept you still stinking up the room AND hallway? Say goodbye forever to those annoying “solutions” or ever being forced
outside to smoke again. 
Introducing Billow, the sesh-friendly filtration system. A patented
closed-loop technology that takes the smoke out of smoking, leaving you
the full consumption experience without any sacrifice.
From the people
From the people
Hi, I just wanted to say thank you so much for creating this beast of a machine! I’m a medical patient and for over 2 years my world has been lived in a cloud of smoke (2 oz a week). Thanks to billow, thanks to you, my house and I have been smelling pretty for a month.
— Genie

Introducing BILLOW – The Only Device That Contains The Smell From The Start