Newfound Freedom for the Smokers

I’ve been smoking for over 25 years, and as much as I love this plant (and I mean love every aspect of it; the look, the feel of breaking open a frosty nug, the enjoyment and relaxation) consuming it brings, what I don’t love - the smoke smell. Or more accurately, the smoke stink.

As long as I have been enjoying smoking, I’ve been trying to avoid, hide and remove the smoke smell. And, frankly, its impossible. Smoke smell is one of the most difficult scents to avoid and remove. It's how we always give ourselves away as smokers. Wherever we’ve been blazing, or as soon as we walk into the room, EVERYONE knows. For me that always the most annoying part. Everywhere I went, I smelled like smoke. A LOT. My hair always smelled. My hands and clothes always smelled. I never thought it was really anyone’s business if I’d smoked, but the smell was always a telltale sign, whether I liked it or not.


On top of that frustration, there were many years that I couldn’t smoke inside the house. So every time I wanted to enjoy, I had to get bundled up and go out to the car, sitting there freezing in the winter and hot in the summer (or idling and feeling really bad about the gas and emissions) and all the while getting more and more resentful about the fact that I just couldn’t smoke where I want to already! To add insult to injury, there’s nothing quite as gross as a car that is constantly hotboxed. Truly another level of stale and stank.

When I did begin to smoke in the house, that freedom came at a price. It just always smelled. The whole house. Even if I smoked in an upstairs room, as you know, the smell travels, and I always wished the place would smell more fresh. Everything inside smelling like an ashtray really started to impact my happiness and even my personal relationships.

And it’s not like you can even escape the oppression when it's time to travel and enjoy a break from all the stresses of daily life. Having a vacation ruined over no smoking rules is just as infuriating as the hundreds of dollars in fines you have to shoulder for breaking resort room rules.

I’ve spent a ton of money over the years on air fresheners, air filters and fans, and tried all the methods, from dryer sheets to open window steamy bathrooms. And you better believe I’ve shoved more than my fair share of damp towels under the door. It all came to a head a few years ago when, despite the full setup, I was still setting off smoke alarms and bothering neighbors.

That’s when it hit me, we’d been doing it wrong, always trying to treat the smoke once it is already in the air, once it’s way too late. But there’s a much much better way.

A closed loop system that allows you to smoke inside with zero smoke! The freedom to enjoy the full consumption experience without any of the sacrifice. No more going outside. No more settling off the smoke alarms. Just the comfort to enjoy and consume without fear.

I am so excited to unveil this technology, it has been so incredibly useful to me and is the culmination of all my hopes and dreams. I have been fighting for our community to be free and for this plant to become an honored and respected part of mainstream life. I know that the ability to consume freely without worrying and the problems that come with the smell and without bothering those who may not like the smoke will help make that dream a reality!

Miriam Magid
Tagged: Education