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Congratulations and welcome to the Billow family. You must like keeping up with newest available tech and like to consume the best kinds of herbs, and we think that combination is really dope. We want to thank you for your early support. This mission to make our consumption lifestyle the easiest and most enjoyable starts here. Keep reading for video and written instructions, and give us an email at if you need more support.

Welcome to the club, fellow Puffs - we’re so excited to clear up your world!!

Parts & Pieces

Billow Base

  • Smoke Chamber
    • Drawer Tray
    • Lighter Hole
    • Lid and Viewing Window
    • Rotating Holder
  • Back Cover
    • Filter
    • Scent Tray
  • Power Cord
  • Power Button

Parts & Pieces (cont'd)

Mask, Tubes and Accessories

  1. Mask
  2. Inhale Straw
  3. Inhale Hose
  4. Exhale/Exhaust Hose
  5. Elbow Diffuser
  6. Scent packs (for Scent Tray and Elbow Diffuser)
  7. Lighter

Using Your B.

Putting B. Together

With you in mind, your Billow assembly is incredibly easy. When you open it up, you'll see that one side of the box contains the Billow Base, and the other side holds the Accessories Box. Remove the Accessories Box and the Billow Base and then move on to the instructions below to connect the Mask & Tubes.

Connecting Your Mask and Tubes

When you open the Accessories Box, you'll see the Mask, which has the Inhale Straw connecting it as well as the Inhale Tube and the Exhale Tube already fully assembled. The Mouthpiece, Inhale Straw and both tubes are easily removable and can be changed out or cleaned as desired. Keep up with us on our website and social (and fill out the surveys we send!) to stay up to speed on all the new accessories.



Billow comes with the Inhale and Exhale tubes already connected to the mouthpiece. Give them a quick check to make sure nothing has come loose during shipping.

Then all you have to to is connect the tubes to the main body, the Billow Base.

Simply connect both as shown below and voila, she ready!

Connecting The Inhale Tube

1. Take the open end of the Inhale Tube (the side that isn’t connected to the Mouthpiece), and simply push it onto the Rotating Holder.

2. Take a test inhale in through the Inhale Straw, if it isn’t hard to inhale you’re on to the next step!

Setting Up Your Material in the Billow

This is the last step before you’re a pro! Setting up your session is as easy as pie… Well actually much easier than pie. Simply place you material into the material holder

1. The Material Holder slides off the base along a track. For easiest input, slide it out.

2. Slide your material into the silicone teeth of Material Holder until it Handle. Slide your material all the way in, so it's snug, but don't mash it in.

See our online Tips & tricks to see more ways to get the best Billow experience.

3. Slide the Rotating Handle back in and you’re ready to go!

More About Using B.

Don't Forget To Use Your Scent Packs!

The Scent Packs put a fresh scent back into the room while you're using Billow. Once Scent Pack goes inside the Billow on the Scent Tray above the Filter. The second Scent Pack goes inside the Elbow Diffuser on the back of the Billow.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For your safety and the safety of your Billow, the back cover should NEVER be removed while the device is on or plugged in. Before beginning the below process, make sure Billow is turned off and unplugged. Being safe is cool!

1. Open the Billow Base's back cover by holding the divet in the top center of the back cover and lifting down and out,

2. Pull out the filter and put aside.

3. With the palm of your hand towards the sky, put your hand in the Billow above where the Filter sits and pull out the scent tray. There are divots on each side of the Scent Tray and when you pull down on them the Scent Tray will pop put. Place a Scent Pack onto the Scent Tray and snap the Scent Tray back into the Billow.

4. The second Scent Pack goes inside the Elbow Diffuser. First slide the Elbow Diffuser onto the back of the Billow. Then place the Scent Pack into the Elbow Diffuser.

Now that you've added your Scent Packs. and placed the Filter back inside the Billow, you’re ready to load a your material and get this show on the road. Use the included lighter to light your material inside the chamber without having to open it.


The clearing door controls the flow of suction from the chamber to the filter. Keep it closed while you are lighting your material, and as the smoke builds up while you are smoking, you can open it or keep it open during your session.


Turning B. On

We’re going to avoid any puns here and keep it simple. Plug Billow into a 110v outlet, and press the power button on the top of the base. Turning it on will turn it from red to blue

Press 1x - lowest fan - Lightest Blue

Press 2x - medium - Middle Blue

Press 3x - high fan - Brightest Blue

B is now on and raring to go.

Cleaning Your B.

The following pieces of Billow should be cleaned regularly to maintain an odor free environment. For information on best cleaning practices and cleaning products, connect with us online.

  • Inhale Straw
  • Inhale Hose
  • Rotating Holder
  • Drawer Tray
  • Lid and Viewing Window

Time to stop reading and go enjoy your new favorite tech! From all of us at the Billow team - stay puft